People who surf the internet are still people, organizations remain organizations for more radical change that produced internet, people initially dragged customs of his previous life and if disconnected life he won trading and producing in the connected life It has to gain as well. Which doesn’t mean that this will gradually be changing and then cents methods become real sources of wealth. Then moving the way of generating real wealth to internet only is achieved by the sale. Of all the options offered in the network only two are in tune with what was proposed and are the direct sale of products and services or the sale of products from other manufacturers (affiliate marketing) direct selling: it is a real way and which consists in creating a product and/or service and try to market it online, which requires a lot of work creating pages, promoting the product etc etc, so it is not achieved overnight overnight affiliate marketing: is a form that saves you the need to create a product because what is marketed is third-party products. From my point of view this is the real way to make money online and has much analogy with the offline world. A look at what makes a supermarket, does not produce anything but caters for third-party products and takes care of sell them so it receives an entry to which is it deducted what corresponds to the producer. Affiliate marketing is the same as other products are sold but charged a juicy Commission. Other truths you should keep in mind: there is no magic, quickly and effortlessly.

Some money but mostly time and work is required has the advantage that money you need to invest is minimum must not forget that anyone who you this offering to make money on the internet is looking for the same as you: ganar dinero por internet. Your success depends largely on the amount of people that is with your product, why you should choose products with little exploited market niches and exploit all forms of advertising that is: videos, google adwords, newsletters etc. If you want to know more about this Mercadeoglobal5 enters a page that I recommend because it provides many free information but then it sells you some products if you want more information. If I have to conclude about whether it is possible to earn money on Internet I say unto you that it is possible, but by the traditional roads sale either directly or by affiliate marketing and after arduous effort and time. I’m at the stage of the expectant effort of the results.