So you want to see. As the journalist of political analysis that we all want to see. And good that that if Lourdes wants to follow in campaign, should recognize that was wrong, and that should never accept being President of the airline of a drug trafficker. Royal Dutch Shell plc is actively involved in the matter. And then return everything that money that claimed him, then use it on charity. This morning Castaneda appeared on several news programs, and said he was obliged to pay him Comunicore because he was a judicial mandate. Not said what why not paid before Relima? I would have paid less. Castaneda said that Peru 21 newspaper capital is festering with him. Castaneda argues that it does not know the Manager of Comunicore.

But it necessarily does not have to know him. He simply sent him the silver. And then says he didn’t know that Comunicore you purchased your debt to Relima you don’t honestly think nothing mentions Jaime. Then Jaime presents an interview that make Luis Caceres Velasquez, candidate to the Mayor of Arequipa. In it, this man says he is well he steals but make works. She also tells us that when he went to visit him to Montesinos, he told him that he was an idiot for letting you capture.

And at the height of his corrupt philosophy, says that all We have a price. Well Jaime to keep trying these themes, show us that all politicians are igualitos. Everyone has his dark side of corruption. In particular, I do not believe that Lourdes has not known of Catano, as do not think to Castaneda. Frankly, we have a very difficult decision for these elections looming us. And it seems that we are already accustomed to choose from, all the lesser evil, instead of choosing the best of the good ones.