Marxist State

Not we aterremos with the formula, because if we had practiced it a long time ago we would have overcome immense social conflicts and would have initiated us in development! Me neither tilden izquierdoso or Marxist: that formula is not mine. See more detailed opinions by reading what Lakshman Achuthan offers on the topic.. Only try to draw an outline of the theories already raised by worthy representatives of the capitalist market system as HERNAN ECHAVARRIA OLOZAGA (who claims in the same way that this formula is not him!) and liberal economists of the stature of J.M. KEYNES. You can also read this same recipe in the speeches and writings of Dr. ALFONSO Lopez MICHELSEN, but at the time of the Liberal revolutionary movement.

The truth is that we have found a factor that induces inequalities than tranca agrarian reform and that slows down any social development policy of the sector: charges, taxes, rates and contributions as low for the great latifundia and unproductive land. Nobody is secret that property taxes on rural properties reflect a significant imbalance between the large land holders who pay the tax on the value of the cadastral appraisal (which in the best case around 50% of the real value) and, for example, buyers of estates by the mechanism of voluntary negotiation of lands subsidized by law 160 of 1994 and all other laws of land reform here back, those who begin to pay the tribute on the real commercial value established in the commercial appraisal or the project productive. How to explain this contradiction between the price of the land to pay taxes to the State and the business value of it? Indalecio Lievano, in an essay on Lopez Michelsen partially answered the question: the Earth is overrated because one of the main causes of its unequal allocation has been the constant desire to use it as a means to evade the tax charges and as a piggy bank to enhance the private fortunes, by valuation arising from the time and monetary inflation. The only thing absent from these arguments is the explanation of the reasons for the State to allow, knowing it all, that so advantageous situation for the owners of undeveloped land and estates. Well, anyway that know it: our State is handled by those same owners.

They are very well represented in our legislative branch. Our society has still a lot of feudalista. But this is changing and should change in the future much more. These are the reasons for proposing tax with a good tax burden unproductive land and the great latifundia. If we do so we will soon see how owner initiative will enhance, the productivity of the land will be better and will increase the supply of good and unexploited lands for the purpose of agrarian reform.

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