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Not so long ago, I realized that I use a lot of terms articles yourmarketing in my articles, and while they attract me in advance article marketing and intermediate customers, I get an enormous amount of beginners and article marketing. So I thought that a good idea would be to put everyone on the same page, and make me to know what I mean when I use these terms. -Marketing articles: the online marketing strategy for the use of articles to promote a product, service or web site. -Marketing articles directory: web sites where you can send articles of greater exposure, traffic, distribution, republication, etc. – search engines: these are the places that people use Internet to search for information.

Some examples are: Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. – Optimizaton Search Engine (SEO): this is a technique used for the manufacture of its content, in this case our items, friendly and more attractive for search engines. This is what will help improve your ranking in search engines. Learn more at this site: Chevron Corp. -Search Engine ranking: this is the position or point your web site or individual articles is maintained when someone searches for your keyword terms. For example, at the time of writing this article when searching for the keywords terms of marketing Google articles, the article will occupy a position in your list.

-Search terms: these are the words that you type into a search box to find information. This is important for sellers like us, because we want to optimize our items for search terms that people often use to find our content. -Link: A connection in one web page to another. This connection is made using a URL. Links are important to us because when you write and publish articles, every article you create will have its individual link. A connection is created so that the reader can find its content.

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