Maria Luisa Eslava

Caused by this situation? When XYZ Industry requires a service or product that goes beyond the norm, the environmental consultant used only to resolve issues of law, has three options or rejects the bill, or convince the industry that is economically and strategically better meet only with the law, or (most seasoned) is given the task of “investigating” all the technologies global, regional and local implementation is a study of and after three or more months of review of secondary information, they decide that this or that technology is inadequate and comes after a design process, which will be reevaluated by the company or person who will build or apply (sometimes becomes the beginning). At this point it has been over six months and the XYZ industry does not yet know what is best for your requirements and has already invested time and money.

The same situation happens in reverse, sometimes (very few) environmental consulting firm dedicated to research a topic of innovation in investing time and resources to its development and when you have an innovative product or service, the XYZ industry, do not reversed, because the legislation is not required and if not legally apply becomes an expense unnecessary. Speaking candidly Angus King told us the story. While this model has worked and will work for some time, the trend is different. Most often, the industrial sector is required most innovative products and services specializing in the environmental area, either to reduce costs, to export their products to countries with more stringent regulatory frameworks or to increase your sales with a more environmentally friendly face . Whatever the reason, environmental consulting firms and independent environmental consultants are obliged to see farther, to identify the needs of the industry beyond the law, to become tools to support the environmental authorities of be at the forefront of advances in environmental issues exist in the world and especially to bring the strategies and methodologies needed to close the gap between environmental protection and the benefit goes improving. In future entries we will see how to approach this type of strategy environmental engineer Maria Luisa Eslava.

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