Marc Dillon

ECE (“Uncle Otto”) and the “sponsored” inner-city expansion in the city of Trier as Kareem share ownership of citizens among themselves – a satirical critique of a province Posse by Marc Dillon is a province of Posse, which from the perspective of (Trier) citizens is scandalous! History: there sits a society, we call (too much!) they even Uncle Otto, called also the “Scrooge of Hamburg”, with a lot Money in their money Tower, which in many large stores with Germany made them citizens, and considering how they invest the money can make it very quickly even more. This company would like to invest their money in real estate, from which she can take out disproportionately much money. And to what can make the most money? With the construction of shops in excellent location, from which you can squeeze excessive money! This is as far as entirely legal, although extreme care must be taken in dealing with such so-called investors, because the understandably not the well-being of the general public in the Eye have, but mainly the own (profit) greed. At financial services you will find additional information. On the other hand are representatives of the people, that shall so determine the land of a city of community ownership, and may. One thing in common: you have to act… If you would like to know more then you should visit Mike Gianoni. and so they have decided to make the downtown more visits and to build more office buildings! Some, because they are under the obligation to make more and more profit, but by their actions the others, because they forced to believe by their constituents to act, or because they want to indulge their inner Narzisten in self love and hubris and to want to make politically immortal. Between these two millstones is located a group of alleged victims, which many people and small trier retailers, the existence of which is recklessly put at risk. And bound on the edge and to insignificance the ‘normal’ citizens and citizens of the city as viewers and readers of this comics. And around the world An appropriate stage to give history on the, you can wonderfully denounce, defame, bad talk, benefit, and manipulate, one uses the media. So, a giant Theatre is raised by all parties to give the appearance of not good citizens and pretend to intend only the best for the citizens of the city of Trier, to push through the above-mentioned own interests in reality.

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