Mandatory Reregistration

It's time to become a limited liability company a hard time. All organizations in the organizational-legal form of company, will have to write new regulations and to re-register them in tax inspections. Moreover, the time of this work they set aside nothing at all: the process begins with the July 1, 2009 and will end in six months. Noting that the Limited Liability Company is the common organizational and legal form of doing business in Russia, it is easy to guess what will crush the registration authorities. For what the legislator has once again kroit legislation, straining the owners of firms to incur additional time and money costs of bringing the constituent documents of the enterprises in accordance with changes in inputs? For the first time on re talking Ltd in 2005 – at precisely the time the State Duma of Russia discussed the law on first reading. The draft law experts have called the fundamental direction control-by-night firms. However, second reading of which caused a lot of questions and disputes, the bill to tighten as much as three years. And now you, please – Russian State Duma at the end of the year passed a bill in two readings, the Council of the Federation as "lightning speed" approved it, Russian President as quickly signed it. Time to ask, what is fundamental in the amendments? Experts believe that the law significantly changes the position of Company: Memorandum canceled as the founding document Ltd., with 1 July 2009 to create Ltd., the number of participants more than one is agreement on the establishment of ltd, which determines the order of carrying out joint activities on the establishment of the society, the amount of share capital society, the size and the nominal value of shares of each of the founders of the company, as well as the amount and terms of payment for such shares in the share capital.

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