Edson Silva Who is professional or of necessary communication not to be intent to a thing: more than what to speak or to write very, the important one is to communicate certain! Recently, we saw former-vice-president Jose Alencar to cite that she learned with former-president Lula who speech must be similar to the dresses of women, that is, not so short that they scandalize and not so long that they sadden. I add that to communicate it must be restricted to an essential, even so this is not easy for professional us of the area, the more for professionals of other segments. It follows a curious example of distortion in internal communication that rolls in the Internet makes some time, but is very current and interesting. One is about a simple ticket that suffers to modifications six times since its author, the managing president, until arriving for all employees. Stripe is a great source of information. Some words are kept, but the direction completely goes if modifying with the interferences, technical the calls ' ' noises of comunicao' ' Of: Managing President Stops: Manager ' ' In the next friday, approximately to the 17 hours, the comet Halley will be in this area. One is about an event that only occurs to each 78 years.

Thus, please, it congregates the employees in the patio of the plant, all using security helmet, when I will explain the phenomenon they. If it will be raining, we will not be able to rare see the spectacle, being thus, all by rough estimate naked will have to be directed to the refectory, where a documentary film on the Halley.&#039 comet will be shown; ' Of: Manager Stops: Supervisor ' ' For order of the Managing President, in the friday, to the 17 hours, the comet Halley goes to appear on the plant. Here, Michael Mendes expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If to rain, please, congregates the employees, all of security helmet, it directs and them to the refectory, where rare the phenomenon will have place, what it happens to each 78 years by rough estimate nu.' ' Of: Supervisor Stops: Head of Production ' ' The invitation of our Managing beloved, the scientist Halley, 78 years, goes to appear naked in the refectory of the plant using helmet, therefore it goes to be presented a film on the problem of rain in the security.