Managing Director

Neuzh something he has the ability to do not get a job as assistant? Think that the problem still does not. Finally, we have 3 options from the same source. Curiously, does not it? First and second option is allowed to connect as one, and the deadline to make out separately. What happens in the main event, as soon as people have a higher education on their hands. Contact information is here: KBS. You can go ahead and acquire the experience and knowledge, and rise again and rose to the position of managing director. What happens to a person in the absence education? He works as an assistant for a long time, acquire the same knowledge and experience and it has increased. He has been working on most of the highest positions and.

… The question about the lack of knowledge. However neuzh, then the issue insoluble that way? Of course, missing! Having a couple of courses allowed to easily pay gaps in knowledge continue to continue to climb in their career and yet rose to the post of managing director. Is not it? I think everyone will be found such an example in the middle of friends. So called "education – the way to a career" is only partially honest. And the lack of education are allowed to make a career. But yet again the question arises: what to take higher education? Did not that way a long time, higher education was not necessarily not only a legislative level, but also the public, when people have the opportunity to vote according to what direction they should go.

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