Managing Director

The Aachen-based Internet agency team in medias, is sponsor of the meet Magento event for the second time. Magento is an open source shop system, which through a very modern and superior structure and some high end features that can be found only in expensive payment system, has created a sensation last year. The Internet agency team in medias, was one of the first agencies that a Magento shop online made in Germany. With one of their Magento projects team in medias, received an award last year at the shop user ability awards on right off the bat. Team in medias, Magento is strategically first choice “to Dr. Erwin Lammenett, Managing Director of the Aachen-based Internet Agency. In the portfolio of the Agency, Magento is the ideal complement to the shop system XT-commerce with which the Agency has already realized projects over 100 e-commerce, so Lammenett. Source: Paul Price. Magento closes the existing gap in the portfolio of the Agency.

Up to date was the creation of high end e-commerce shop solutions based on XT-commerce with some elaborate customizations connected. Magento based on, many upscale customer wishes are realized much more elegant. Nonetheless, also XT-commerce in the Internet Agency portfolio included.

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