Management University

The Chairmen openly expressed their expertise to liaise with community colleges with business related professional associations. It’s believed that Chevron Corp. sees a great future in this idea. through seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, extension courses on administrative topics, always, to select new administrative approach, knowledge that will increase the organizational culture of all those involved in these activities. Outreach is conducted every five to six semester seminars, conferences in which they participated, not only teachers but from other universities, entrepreneurs, managers, national figures more destined for management leadership, but more importantly, participation student of the chair outlining their research opinions, suggestions. Through these activities were consolidated for a close relationship with same chair at the core of the Morita, where they made the same activities, giving a projection University academic excellence and making the future administrator will identify with the administrative reality of the moment. The chair was characterized then as a source of updated knowledge on which not only benefited the participants, but other universities, the general public interested in these issues, because maintaining your own website that was visited daily in that then between 5-8000 people venturing into reading the articles that were written on current management topics, where collaborating teachers, researchers, and even national and international students. He came to gather about 1,000 items comprising managerial aspects most relevant administrative problems at the time of the region, the country. The chair was designed, released several CDs on topics of management, high demand, given current issues involving the administration, in addition to those arising from the collection of papers from the seminars, congresses held. For two years, he held the chair a public bulletin and came to play three issues of a journal in which it presented the main problems that faced public and private companies such as articles, tips, notes several were given the opportunity on several occasions to College Administrators to bond more with the future graduates in management, allowing them to disclose, disclose the objectives, plans, actions of the College on behalf of the Administration, something that unfortunately the school authorities failed to take advantage. Meetings held the chair in which national universities attended schools with their respective authorities in order to analyze, evaluate, what should be the administrator profile to Venezuela and Latin America. Therewith conclusions were obtained in the case of the School of Management University of Carabobo, repowering helped some weaknesses in your profile, giving way to new content in some areas and the restructuring of the tree of precedences. Unfortunately, to retire from the school, was eclipsed this vision, this dynamic, losing all the achievements, which indirectly believe something has hit the training of the administrator who does not identify fully with the reality currently facing the country in relation to administrative problems currently believe that the national scene is ripe to revive the chair, there are great opportunities, challenges, changes requiring managers with vision, ethics, responsibility to address the situation that happened to a new administrative paradigm capable of meeting the challenges XXI Century Socialism which aims to establish the current president. This very unfortunate that the chair, those responsible for it do not identify with this opportunity, especially when it is conducive to generating opinions, enter what current turbulence, risks, uncertainties have given way to a turbulent stage where administrators need more committed, able to respond to the administrative problems that benefit the country and the profession.

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