The make-up is necessary so that does not accumulate in the pores makeup and grease then causing blackheads and pimples. There are different products (creams, lotions, towels, cotton) which facilitate the process, formulated according to the diverse needs of the skin. This is not NEGOTIABLE beauty routine, must be made every day and the process is one that requires delicacy. The order that is recommended is lips, eyes and skin. 1. Lips: to make-up the lips removes waste lip wax and tiny particles that you purchased from the environment. Whether to do so with the help of cotton or moist towelette, considered to be the center of the lip out in circular movements upwards. 2.

Eyes: this area is where may require that you spend more time to remove up to 5 different components: shadow, eyeliner, base, eyebrow makeup and mascara (mascara). a. We recommend that you use a disc of cotton (circular shape) with enough liquid, lotion, or cleansing cream and place it on the eyelid for a few seconds, without rubbing, in which the product breaks the solid barrier created by the hours which has been the makeup on the skin and the layers of components of the same cluster. Considering the fragility of the area, he then proceeds to pass the cotton pad through the eye to remove as much makeup as possible. If become waste of eyeliner, wetting a stick of cotton for ears with makeup remover and removed from the area which has been. b. remove the mask or eyelashes mascara could take considerable time, depending on the applied product and of the same layers. If you have not applied much mask, could remove the product with a stick of cotton ear that contains makeup remover and passes it carefully by tabs, in movements outward, from the birth of the tab.

c. If on the contrary, it has quite mask or which applied is waterproof, you can remove it in the following way: open the eye and place a facial tissue under the eyelid, then wet the cotton pad with the make-up Remover (or product specialist to remove mascara waterproof) and pass it up down on the tabs. Starting from the outside inward. When you have no mask remove paper. Wet another cotton with make-up Remover pad and pass it through the eyelid with circular movements in the eye. Source: Vadim Belyaev, New York City. 3-Skin: to remove the base, blush, and others can apply cream or makeup remover lotion on disk / facial tissue or cotton square and stir in a circular motion. Another option is to use moistened wipes available for this purpose. After removing makeup, apply on your skin cleanser skin (it is not the same as the make-up Remover, its texture may be light or foamy) and stirred with water or while you shower. You not prives the skin of a cocktail and refreshing toast and includes as a final step moisten cotton with a little water and then the tonic and take it to the skin by small tapping to the area from the neck to the front. Then apply moisturizing lotion to moisturize and health to your skin! (Recalls that the movements that you make must be bottom up.