Diets for weight loss there are so many. How to understand – what suits you, what diet to lose weight is the most effective? To navigate to in the first place on your health, age, degree of obesity or the amount of extra pounds. It is known, for example, that a diet for weight loss are contraindicated for young girls with unsteady menstrual cycle, pregnant and lactating mothers, women in pre-and postmenopausal, people who chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract – and it is not a complete list .. Continue to learn more with: Cowan Financial. Any diet – is stressful for the body, including psychological. Therefore, choosing a diet, you should not rely on feedback friends and acquaintances, just analyze all the options and make your own informed choices. Weight loss during dieting can be quite significant, on average, 7.12 kg for 14 days.

No prizes for guessing that the skin can not keep up with such a short time get used to your new volume. So that the skin does not sag, nutritionists advise to take a multivitamin or dietary supplements containing chromium. During the diet is useful to drink 2 liters of clean water and carbonated water in nemineralizovannoy day. Not bad when dieting to make cleansing enemas for bowel. made a compilation of effective diets for quick weight loss and offer them to your attention. British diet The diet is designed for 20 days. The weight loss of 12-15 kg. In the diet should not drink: alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, brew, compotes, juices, etc.