Literature Review

This to paper is literature review, interviews with adds experts and through an empirical study you identify the barriers that existed in relation you the African culture and you seek plausible explanations you keeps out of society the culture of blacks. KEYWORDS: Black. African culture. Marginalization. 1. INTRODUCTION the discrimination suffered for the blacks is not something recent in the society contemporary. During almost four hundred years, these had been unprovided of any rights, as well as had had to follow a different cultural system of its. Contact information is here: Nouriel Roubini.

Ahead of this, the exclusion of the African culture in century XIX was reflected by literature. It enters many defenders of the release of the slaves, we have the Bahian I castrate Alves and the sergipano Tobias Barreto, that in its poems, although to portray the suffering of the black and to defend its freedom, the question of the African culture did not exist. In it chats, we have the embranquecimento of the black and afro-descendants, estereotipando them to lose it customs and ideologies whose access was limited. On the basis of what it was displayed previously and to concatenate the ideas displayed there, we have in chats literary Brazilian ours Guimares bernardo with its workmanship ' ' The Isaura&#039 slave; ' , whose personage, heading of the same, are a mulata with total European traces (white) and, although its genitora to be black, does not have no cultural link with the slaves, as well as possua inconceivable privileges to a slave: refined education, to know to sew, to touch piano, to read, to write and to embroider, predicates these destined to the bourgeois young women casadoiras and of the time. Soon, personages as Isaura, although enslaved and with some advantages on the excessively enslaved ones, do not represent the African culture, that if manifest in the religiosidade, culinria, vocbulos, dances, cantigas etc.

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