Life Solder

In the household, sooner or later face the problem when you need to solder a pair of wires, solder or something, but you’ve never held a soldering iron in his hands. And if you tried to solder, then solder was like for a bird “Drop”. This article will focus on the basics of proper rations. For lack of use your regular soldering iron capacity of 40 – 60 watts, and voltage of 220 V. It is better with a wooden handle, it does not get warm. If you would like to know more then you should visit Chevron Corp. In addition to the soldering iron is necessary buy rosin and solder (“tin” – as it is sometimes called). However, pure tin solder is never – it is fragile. Solder can use tin-lead pic – 61, but can modern lead-free (although it is more expensive, and used mainly in electronics). Soldering in tight spaces can be made liquid rosin. For this resin is ground (resting between two sheets of paper, and stretch like an ordinary bottle), then powdered resin is poured alcohol in a 1:1 ratio. And shaken until complete dissolution. If you need to solder aluminum wires, you need to buy a special flux, if the steel – suitable phosphoric acid or Soldering acid (zinc chloride).

Work should be carried out in a ventilated room. To soldering was neat, soldering tip should be prepared. To do this, it sharpened with a file and tin. Why trimmed sting heated soldering iron dipped in rosin solder and then take on a wooden plank tinder sting Everything! Our soldering iron ready to go! In order to solder two wires they also need to prepare. To do this, remove the isolation makes them This can be with a knife, but, following careful not to damage the wire. Then the wires were intact and (if the wire is stranded – rolled rib), and tin. To this end, the wire is placed on the resin and the soldering iron is heated it. When This solder will be spread evenly. You can solder wires vnakladku You can then make a twist twist heated soldering iron. All of our connection is ready! That’s all the wisdom that is not tricky business. Do not despair if the first times you have failed. Be sure to get to the next!

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