Life Machine

Usually one of the first appliances that are bought modern family, it is an automatic washing. Probably everyone who at the time set in the house a modern washing machine will never forget the feeling when Life suddenly became much easier and more enjoyable. Washing out of quite a serious and time-consuming process into a virtually imperceptible breeze. All concerns fell on the shoulders of the washing maschiny. Man is now sufficient press a few buttons and after some time to get semi-dry laundry. Miracles! To this rosy picture lasted as long as possible, we must take responsibility in choosing a washing machine. What are the main especially washing machines.

Depending otsposoba load they can be of two types: horizontal and vertical loading. Washing machines and dryers are generally more reliable than the front. In these axis machines is set for two shocks, and in front – just one. This design is more reliable but more expensive. In addition to load and get clothes in those machines is more convenient. The range of machines from the front load more.

They can be narrow (32-34 cm), medium (40-42 cm) and full-size (50-60 cm). Price of this class washing machines are usually less. Choose a narrow machine is in the case of limited space for installation. Full-size car reliable and roomy. Modern washing machines are also divided by class power consumption, efficiency, washing and pressing. The best results have washing machines of class A and B, middle – C, D, E, low – F, G. But virtually All modern cars Normal wash. An important characteristic of the washing machine is also the number of revolutions during wringing. Typically, the figure is 400 – 1000 r / min. It does not get involved in a large number of speed, because it may welcomed to power consumption, damage to clothes, increased wear of the machine.

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