Leaf Stamping

Sheet-metal stamping has long been used by mankind as an effective method of metal forming. She began to be used for manufacturing the same in form of products, most often, everyday items. The principle that uses a sheet-metal stamping, pretty simple. Sheet metal placed between the matrix and the punch. Punch has the form that you want to give the workpiece and the fixed matrix is its mate.

Sheet Stamping is that the punch should push sheet metal into the matrix. It is clear that the primitive sheet stamping do not require complicated technical devices, however, and its performance was low. It does not could meet the needs of emerging industries. Many writers such as Mike Wirth offer more in-depth analysis. The first attempts to create a water drive for stamping dates back to the xvi century. However, the rapid development of sheet-metal stamping experienced in the middle of the xix century, when it was invented first steam hammer, and then steam press. Sheet-metal stamping has been applied in various spheres of activity.

And in the xx century sheet-metal stamping gave a powerful impetus to the development of such industries as automobile and aircraft manufacturing, and after, and rocket science and other fields. Today, sheet-metal stamping allows you to perform various operations related to the processing of sheet metal. In the bulk of them grouped on the separation and formoizmenyayuschie. The first permit to cut the workpiece as desired, while the latter gives the product a desired shape. In both cases, the sheet-metal stamping uses the same principle of operation punches and dies. The difference in the type used by the stamp and features the impact of the metal. When cutting sheet-metal stamping uses a matrix with a through hole through which you can squeeze out of the cut. In addition, If the deformation of the punch should only give the metal a form without altering its mechanical properties, the cutting means greater impact. Her goal – to destroy the integrity of the material in the field of pressure.

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