Latin America

To achieve this does not suffice that I claim in international forums, although we should not do so. We are able to build our own standards and practices in the region, of uniting wills and resources and implement relations again type. For even more opinions, read materials from Dara Khosrowshahi . We attended this Summit with the disposition to cooperate and work for a future with spaces for all. Cuba, despite the vengeful and prolonged blockade imposed by the Government of States United, it is willing to share its modest experiences in issues of collaboration, together with solidarity and internationalism are the pillars of our relations with the world. On behalf of Cuba, who has had to suffer nearly 50 years of economic, commercial and financial embargo, I thank the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean for its strong support for the special declaration of this Summit, which calls for the cessation of this illegal and unjust policy, violates the human rights of our people. In the city of Salvador de Bahia, capital of this State, 15 years comrade Fidel Castro spoke with vehemence the necessary integration of our Nations.

Let me conclude my speech Recalling his words, when he said: yesterday went colony; We can be a great community of peoples closely United tomorrow. Nature gave us unsurpassed riches, and history gave us roots, language, culture and common links as he has no other region of the Earth. Thanks a lot. Certainly, there are a very important aspect that drew the President Raul Castro, as it is: is not now of creeds and ideologies, but recognition aware of the exhaustion of an economic model that only the State, with the participation of the whole of society, can be rectified, ultimately, through systematic action, coordinated and committed to the most prominent interests of the nation. This is a fact and vale la pena take into consideration, as members of the CALC will act to respect. You have to take into account that provides alrespectocubtravel. cu: development is a journey with more shipwrecks than sailors, said Eduardo Galeano in the open veins of Latin America. That was the image of the region in the 1960s and 1970s when North dictated the paths of modernity to our economies and integration processes, according to own Uruguayan writer, came outside to our origins. Atilio Boron one of the leading analysts of the problems of the South, said: Latin America you have to realize that should not expect anything from the outside, and far less than the United States, since Washington policies will be conditioned by the permanent factors of power. Definitely, Prensa Latina exposes: specifically for Cuba, the Summit is very significant, because it constitutes a space of analysis of plausible alternatives of cooperation, solidarity and complementarity, in a moment in which the influence of the island in the region has been recognized at the international level, and in a climate of total isolation from American policies, as it was demonstrated in the UN.. environment-empresarial.

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