La Jagua

By the conditions of the animal, it was the last of the Cowboys to reach the place where cows were, but already on the animals any cowboy saw you one to tackle and dominate these Maroons, which came to cases of braid in fight with a cow; He pulled her to the ground and with a handkerchief or a piece of the shirt that started in several parts could hamstrung by the legs. He was always returning without shirt or scarf because they used them for tying or hamstrung the Maroons cows that were necessary. A lone child bemusement that you gave much talk, since it nervous skin who had the misfortune of topar it in its way, was the lonely child, who appeared in the street on July 20 of the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, exactly at the corner of the old bar on very dark nights the crocodile. The appearance was a boy of about 7 years approximately, which was approaching the person who at midnight went to his house to collect the child was crying pitifully, articulating strange sounds from his mouth, with eyes that glowed in the dark as two lit tailings, with fully naked body, which looked with Meridian sharpness in the darkness, which found a stench of rotting meat. Still the subject steps away, throwing to the wind their cry that startled panic Pilgrim and if this is rushing to the race, the infernal creature also did; Sometimes the fugitive should stop dry because beyond in front in their way was the emergence of foot, looking at him. The neighbor returned hastily to meet again with the creature which closed again step making it crazy horror until the victim lost the sense and speech, being found the next day lying on the ground. He was revived but almost always remained with the vacant stare, the absent mind as numbly by vivid horror. .

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