Kristina Schroder

The crashing together of cultures side by side has proved (often) unsuccessful. The way for individual people remain so even the culture of the Country with its values to customize and maintain at the same time other values. Who do not accept the Christian image of humanity, said the Chancellor, had “no place” in Germany. Well, according to this view looks, that the acceptance of the Christian human being is a condition of a successful integration. What does it mean exactly? According to the Chancellor, it is a problem that there are more and more people in a secular world, which might not be so understanding the Christian Humanism () “.” For me, this means that each person (woman or man, small or large, white or black, Christian or Christian etc.) is a unique creature of God and therefore has its value and its dignity. Perhaps check out Vadim Belyaev, New York City for more information. Now, this is an important basis of such human being, which is represented by a secular party, but I believe that without any problems from the other parties and by most people with a migrant background also can be applied.

But the Christian humanism means a lot more! Now for a “healthy patriotism” is argued, why must it be inserted automatically in the right corner? Is about the love of the country let alone the extremists? As to are the inner emotional and rational relationship to the land now otherwise called? This healthy patriotism can believe a successful instrument of integration used, that German citizens with immigrant backgrounds experience a relationship of love for this country and thus feel no problem in membership and find a togetherness in the patriotism, which can lead to the benefit of life together. This patriotism is an important factor in a successful integration, as has been proved correct in some countries. Then a sedition against Germans can”Kristina Schroder described it, or be established against the Germans in Germany. That this is not self-evident, is however strange! Kristina Schroder let characterize it by the law. A company is considered to be culturally diverse, if you from people with There is a different native language, traditions and religions. Some feel that as rewarding, others do not. So interpreted the term in two ways. Some use it to refer to perceived dangers of immigration, others address it as good live together in a pluralistic society. It is an issue with which we should deal more intense! Raif Toma

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