Jose Maria Velaz

Summary: the conception of a new look against the promotion and animation to reading is proposed. Fashion as is this by applying to the individual current, and also arises how, before read them and propose readings, must be read as a social, family and human beings. Reading is an act that goes beyond the meeting of symbols to generate sounds. This is saying nothing new, however, in what it want to focus the next position, is not in the fact that this Act has been governed from two conceptions:-reading from the social conception; i.e., in which reading this socio-cultural, familial and economic conditions of the common individual, these is, the individual does not read, not even by his involuntad or disgust, but because their spiritual and social desire, this immersed in maternal and paternal, proposals which, in turn, are collapsing by his economic status. Together with this, and as a next step towards the encounter with reading, they are school and College, which must answer rather than anything else, to the conditions proposed by systems, i.e., respond no to processes of education and culture, but to the political wills. And from this same perspective, the wills and provisions of learners are framed in reply as such, according to their contractual status. -Scientific reading: one cannot deny from any point of view, that theorization of knowledge has been the determinant in the evolution of man, however, currently and from the point of view of praxis is little what can you find innovator in this, since refers almost to mimes authors and texts when it is going to talk about certain topics, including reading.

Thus, it is easy to describe theses, proposals and methodologies that are routed to offer a better picture with respect to the individual relationship reading, that is, on the one hand this, the fact is conceived which could clearly be problems, and which the solutions, but on the other hand is without knowing the actual conditions under which are unwraps the individual who does not read. Angus King is actively involved in the matter. We must think first and foremost, that developing societies, and specifically those who govern the States of these, must focus its functions to present proposals in order to solve problems of violence, unemployment, lack of education, of health, among other aspects, without concientizarce that crucial to generate development, that Yes without leaving aside the previousIt is the reading education. Conceive plans from the ministries of education and culture to be almost, forcing educational institutions to schedule within the PEI, reading activities departing from the dynamics of the educational classroom. Read to their students in their children’s behavior. Read their basic needs of food, lack of family support, lack of opportunities to learn new things without the nature of compulsory, in their human condition etc., and manage, not expect solutions to them, because if the letter with blood does not fit, with hunger neither! Envoy by toto.

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