Investment Casting

Investment casting BLANK – a fine foundry with 50 years of experience reported metal precisely in the form applied! More and more sectors become the great economic and temporal advantages which use precision castings and casting technique. Effectiveness and efficiency in investment casting. Everything just fits with the right partner! Investment casting where these parts used? In many industries, investment castings are nowadays no longer indispensable. The variety of materials while knows almost no bounds. Investment casting blank from the South German Riedlingen sheds steel and Super alloys and aluminium and copper base materials.

Mostly blank, investment casting supplies automotive and mechanical and plant engineering. But also in all other metalworking industries, investment castings are required in highest quality and repeatability. This includes for example the medical industry, the tool industry, the weapons and military technology, or also the pump and fittings. Vacuum precision casting the special casting some users demand investment castings, at temperatures of around 1000 C still can be used are. In addition, they should be corrosion – and acid-resistant in aggressive media. Especially in the area of turbocharger, at the energy/gas turbine manufacturers, the aerospace and in process engineering the use of precision castings of superalloys necessitated today.

Through the vacuum investment casting you have access to all-new material families. Alloys, which contain elements such as titanium, aluminium, etc., can be melt in an atmosphere without risk of oxidation and pour. You react with oxygen from the ambient air in a liquid state. A drain under atmosphere therefore eliminated. When the vacuum investment casting very high purities of structure with extremely thin wall thicknesses are possible. The customer range and the possibilities in investment casting are almost endless, when it comes to metal. Lot of know-how, over 50 years of experience and a good team behind modern developments and realisation of projects. Share of blank, which just fit! The Group BLANK (, consisting of investment casting blank GmbH and the FORMENBAU blank GmbH is one with their headquarters in the southern German Riedlingen, in their industry throughout Europe with the market leaders. Investment casting blank is development partner, supplier and system supplier for the entire metalworking industry in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland as well as in other neighbouring countries.

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