Internet Shoot

Guidelines for shooting: If the enemy is up to you more than five steps, then shoot worth queuing. All in one / two rounds, but there's again depends on distance. If it is very far away, one / two shots, but if at a distance of 10-15 steps, then four / five people mozhno.Kogda is up to you at close distance, then shoot better grip (grip is when the trigger). When you shoot a clamp, it is best to drive from one side to the sight. But do not overdo it! Driving a left to right must not getting out much at the edge of the model vraga.Takzhe when pinch the trigger, then release the sight down to the feet of man.

The fact is that when you shoot clip of bullets scatter increases (due to recoil, respectively), and bullets are flying up relative scope. So it should not be forgotten. Tips for Hit: At your desk, where you play on your PC, you should not interfere with anything. The mouse should move freely, as it provod.Upravlenie in the game also must be convenient enough. All controls should be located in accordance with your mouse sensitivity predpochteniyami.S (ala "sensativ") is to experiment. If you do poorly, it turns out labeled, put a complete contrast to the current speed of the mouse. Play so not a lot, and then adjust as you udobnee.Potreniruytes to hit at various flash games. Them on the Internet abound, but specific name I will not mogu.Posmotrite different videos, how to play professional tournaments, this should also help.

Listed above, all information on the game, I know. Although, maybe not all because of not remember, much was just on a subconscious level. But a start, and you will finalize all my thoughts, and suggestions, and can create something of their own. Now go to the game like a pro. This item will be very short, since play as a professional, which means to repeat something for the "pro" player. So, just to be like the pros, we need only observe a few points of the above is this: He shoots, at least, to assess horosho.Mozhet react so quickly that the opponent does not have time to even pull the trigger. I hope my article helped you a little bit, and you start to play at least 1 percent better. I could not write much, much could not miss, and even then, I wrote, may not be true. After 9 years experience in the game may not mean anything. _______________________ World Counter-Strike 1.6 _______________________ And yes, the two main board I have saved at the end of the article, so to speak, on the final action. Tip number 1: If you want to really be a pro player, then without diligent practice anywhere. And if you want to climb up on the level, you need to play with the best. With those whom you do not win. Then you become what you want. Tip number 2: She personally advise you not to harness oneself to this theme. What is important in the game? Wrong! Not victory, but a pleasure. Play, chat and have fun. Must overcome in life, not in the virtual world!

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