International Standards Committee

Immediately decoding the concept of 'NC': Numerical Control Software. CNC is the different types of machines (milling and engraving, drilling, milling, laser, cutting, and many others), oborudovannnye system program management. Automation system for production machines was held, tentatively, in two stages. At the initial stage of automatic processing machines were equipped with type NC. Technological process control machine was carried out thanks to the program specified by the connectors and switches. Kept this program on punch cards and magnetic tapes. The next stage – the introduction of microprocessors and operating systems memory.

At this stage, it became possible to download the program, for example, for milling machines with removable media – floppy disks, 'Sticks'. In addition, increased automation – equipment connects to the communication system of the enterprise. The main programming language document describes CNC ISO 6983 International Standards Committee. In some cases, program management can be a text file format data (for simple). CNC machines have a number of advantages. First, the most obvious advantage – it is actually very automation. Ie people do not go and does not follow the process and does not produce adjustment.

In addition there is one of the causes of errors in the production – the so-called human factor. Next: as milling machines or any other managed program, the possibility of error is eliminated. Various errors in processing occur only in the event of errors in programming or configuration. CNC machines are faster than manually operated. Thus the volume of production increases are not at the expense of quality. Taking into account all the above material, we can conclude that the machines – 'this is good'. CNC machines allow you to increase the effectiveness of any proceeding, whether metal or construction of billboards.

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