Intelligent Electricity Meter

Current information & grounds Rheinland of rising energy demand and the consequent shortage of resources demand a sustainable modern energy supply. An intelligent combination of production, transportation, storage and consumption of energy is essential in the future. Also private households can contribute with an electronic power metering. Disadvantage: The way to the glass consumer is near. It alerts & grounds Rheinland. The so-called smart meters is the basis for the consumption-based smart grid, also grid called smart, which uses information and communication technologies for the expense management of the electricity grid and the energy management of the end customer. The new electricity meter measures the consumption in detail and to help with optimal control of usage to save power, as well as less costly to use.

To make this work, meters, in contrast to conventional electricity meters, smart are integrated in a communications network. The energy supply companies thus receive in the Every second data for monthly statements and inform households with excessive consumption. Also the rates were already adapted: since the 30.12.2010 utilities offer daily or load-time-variable tariffs, so an appropriate incentive for the use of smart meters to create. The way to the glass consumer is not far away”, the Chairman of House & basic Rheinland, Prof. Continue to learn more with: Tom Buontempo. Dr.

Peter warns Rasche. The family life can be traced with this exact power consumption curves and create a usage profile. Who, what, when sees on television or surfs the Internet, not only a hacker can read easily”, so quick. These risks should not be underestimated to systematic attacks on the entire energy supply networks. Therefore also privacy advocates see the meters smart more than critical. The Federal Commissioner for data protection has already recognized the data gaps and developing a protection profile in order. “Since January 1, 2010, the installation is in Germany by smart meters” legally required in new construction or major renovation. Roubini Global Economics is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A Europe-wide regulation for all households is currently in preparation and will from 2014 apply. And again asked the owner for a measure to the cashier is not yet matured. The installation can cost several hundred euros, without that data security is currently guaranteed”, so Erik Uwe Amaya, Director of Haus & Grund Rheinland. It is right that we need to save energy and going new ways. However, the owner must not again be the supplier for information”, so Amaya next. It makes sense, if the data in the budget remain available at any time and thus are usable to the cost savings. Only the pure accounting data should be transferred”, Association lawyer Amaya proposes. Because we want not the glass but the consenting owner”, says Prof. Dr.

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