Infants And Animals In The World

Introducing yesterday? Moms of the world? But where there are also mothers there must also be babies and children. These 3 books from the publisher La Galera belong to a collection entitled? The world in photos? and is a first approximation to readers not only through photographs, life and customs of the inhabitants of different countries and continents, animals and their behavior and the richness and beauty of Nature. The fifth book is that we have not shown? Animals?
It is a first world tour to begin to know, understand and respect.
They have 36 pages, The screenplay is by Anna Lauprtee and recommended after 5 years, but frankly, I think that we enjoy with our children under age. The price is approximately EUR 9.

A great opportunity to learn with our children the greatness of diversity. See also pre-construction investment: Condos.

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