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Unique technologies, high performance and versatility – perhaps the way to describe air compressors are used today in various areas. Despite the fact that many industrial enterprises You can see these dinosaurs – huge reciprocating air compressors operating with the pressure drop, noise and vibration – the majority of compressor equipment has changed. Today's Air compressors are compact, low noise (about 50-60 decibels) and almost no polluting. In the bulk of this screw air compressors, which implemented the principle of work, essentially differs from that used in piston. Reciprocating air compressors compress the air by the piston goes up and down – this is actually not hard to guess from the title. It is these constants of motion up and down and are a source of noise, vibration and other adverse effects. Screw air compressors – and it is also clear from the title – instead of the piston uses a pair of screws.

They are constantly and uniformly rotate, driving air gap formed by their blades. Besides the fact that air is a continuous flow of such air compressors can also operate non-stop for a long time. By the way, due to the peculiarities construction maintenance screw air compressors is carried out in four – five times less than the piston. Another unique type of air compressor – a scroll device. For even more opinions, read materials from Roubini Global Economics. Their operating principle is similar to Screw work equipment, but the air is compressed by rotating one helix with the displacement of the center relative to each other, motionless.

Compressed air passes quietly, without pressure gradients, but the power and performance of air compressors is low. What is particularly interesting, screw and spiral equipment makes it possible to compress air without oil injection into the cooking chamber. This kind of device is called oil-free compressors. As a result, we have clean air, which is no longer necessary to pass through the filters. This saves time and energy and also reduces costs for operation and maintenance.

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