Incontenible Human

Each of us can experience what we call desire. Very probably the motive for everything we do. It is extremely forced to do something if it is not wanted. The desire is the experience that most have lived from birth. There are many reasons to energize and compel a person to act. Some are biological and spiritual.

But some are stronger than others. There must be some human motivation than the others in the force that directs behavior. It would be such that if we know how to use it so unstoppable lead us towards achieving any goal. It would be an endless source of inspiration and achievement. We'll discover what it is. To get to follow a logical response. We will investigate only those human drives that we consider stronger.

And compare each with the most intense human need that we can think of. In my case I can think of the need to preserve life. So as to protect the existence, most people would do incredible things. It is sufficient sit at a mortal danger. What will be the need for stronger than can feel a person. Start with the desire for power. We know it is very strong in some. They spend their time looking for how to scale positions. But are they willing to die in exchange for occupying a leadership position? Of course not, it would be paradoxical, if not killed will have achieved something for which both want to live. And the need is ruled to be the most intense. The strongest human need is perhaps the desire to make money.

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