The Finnish Designhersteller iittala brings color in the summer. The new green ‘ water ‘ Shimmers blue greenish and it complements the wonderful range of colours from iittala perfect. Many products are now available in the new color. Including the new mini jars, which represent an extension of the storage jars series of jars. The new mini jars of iittala perfectly complement the series of jars. The small jars are suitable for storing any odds and ends, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, living room or bedroom stylish. An air – and flavor-dense storage of content is ensured through the rubber seal on the cover. The mini jars are made from coloured glass, available in various colours.

You adapt to the bigger jars, but also to other products from iittala and combine great. So that they can be used not only for storage, but also for decoration. The glasses are available in six beautiful colors. They were design by the Finnish design team Pentagon” designed. Water-Green is the new color of summer by iittala.

It is a wonderful combination of bright blue and green and perfectly complements the existing colors of the Finnish Designherstellers. The glassworks of iittala is situated on the banks of the river aimajarvi. The River was one of the inspirations for the new color. Another reason for the inclusion of green water in the iittalas color palette is a historical. Earlier, it was not possible to produce a completely clear glass production. It was always a blue greenish sheen. To get this color accent again, the color was designed water-green. Many famous iittala products are now available in the new color. Press contact: Iris Fuest really beautiful gmbh Ebrahim Bergstrasse 59 22767 Hamburg 040 30 99 48 14 really nice gmbh with headquarters in Hamburg operates the online shop. Really nice Cook is the culinary lifestyle world for People with a sense for good design, excellent quality and practical functionality. The online store has high quality design brands on sale like eva solo, iittala, mono, Gude knives, Le Creuset, KAHLA porcelain, stelton, Peugeot Mills, u.v.m. Really beautiful cook you can find many beautiful things for a really nice cooking and pleasure”. The company places an emphasis on the personal and professional advice and support of the customers of the online shop. They are advised by email and by phone individually.