IDP Software

After the programmers and Gamers, this type was in perevaliruyuschim Web web. As the system evolves and experience can predict the appearance and the new entity created by man – Double Personality Information (Idle / IDP), which will be "eternally" to keep everything you have heard, seen, read, your knowledge, documents, and your life story and much more. And this is not some mystical phantom, which they say thousands of years, prophets and visionaries, but only document archive and content recorded on your UMIS and on your website. Because we need new laws to ensure the priority development SISZHL and Idle, as an integral part of man, his virtual component (component the spiritual part.) Will need very long-term memory device. You will need large amounts of memory modules with a single record of your identity (up to 1 MB) and the cubes over a terabyte of memory for database inventories and archival repositories. The above minimum mandatory set of software and hardware SISZHL will make extensive use of distance technologies in all spheres of life – to obtain background data, communicating with officials in education, health, work and leisure, payment of bills for goods and services, ordering tickets, etc. Moreover, transport problems and lack of workers in many cities, require speedy introduction of elements of remote living. But without a permanent electronic identification, rejection of anonymity in favor of increasing openness and tight security software and hardware tools and communication channels information technology, remote life will be introduced with great difficulty and caution.

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