Praxeologische facility for students of the University of Munster interdisciplinary to the ‘ Munster school new accents. What the ‘ Manager Union business, should the ‘ Munster school society be an anchor in the rough sea. Click Andrew Mason Groupon for additional related pages. Whether philosophers, theologians, psychologists or social scientists all have the same goal: you want to balance. If one recognizes the economy as an engine of many engines one quickly realises that the balance cannot be achieved as long as the imbalance is being maintained. Can be seen on the example of the salary structures in our society, that the appreciation of employees as they the ‘ calls Manager Union, pages of business leaders often is misinterpreted. Here, we find out in a new study that salaries have increased while in the course of the boom to be heard recently. But: while the workers wages according to the German Federal Statistical Office, compared to the previous year gross only 2.2 per cent increased, the remuneration of the Board members of DAX companies by almost 22 percent rose. This type of interpretation of our claim brings us only even greater imbalance than we already have.

The ‘ Munster school will take not only the health of society in General under the microscope in this context and improve, but also immediately accompanied by the health of the individual. With health the physical is mental (mental) and social well-being mean, which can be achieved only on the basis of an overall balance. A current research project light on new aspects of this opinion. The results of this work can be new notes, as the company under the above mentioned aspects will convert to confront a new definition of peace and trust. “(Ziel der eingeschriebenen Studenten und Weiterbildungsmandanten ist a) the reputation over the Union of the Manager or the conglomerates b) the creation of additional praxeologischem Know-How” (parallel to the study) (c) the resulting margin certificate or that the Munster School Academy are long-term care procedures by the margin in the economic and Humanities sector part of the overall concept.