Hubert De Givenchy

In the history of fashion and fashion Hubert de Givenchy will forever remain a model of style and genuine aristocracy. He said that he wanted all his life to perfection, which for him has been closely linked with the famous triad Plato – the beauty, goodness and harmony. Givenchy could become a real pillar of the XX century fashion, and he relied on all future generations of designers, even despite the fact that many of them indulged in his address to the reasonably cynical remarks. Hubert de Givenchy gave his farewell parade in July 1995, announced his retirement from the world of high fashion. This solyushen he had involuntarily. Management of the company LVMH, where he was part of fashion house together with the brands Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix and Celine, considered the views of the venerable master hopelessly outdated and not relevant to the free spirit of eclecticism. Classical canons of modeling have been ridiculed, and with dignity Givenchy aristocrat prefer to step back from the new fashion rules. Pleasure flight in his childhood about a boy named Hubert adults often say, 'He's not of this world'.

His father, a pilot Lucien Taffin de Givenchy belonged and the romantic generation of aviators that Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He died in 1929, when his son was barely 2 years. The mother brought the boy one, and out of respect for her feelings, he refused the temptation to follow in the footsteps father. However, the desire to fly and enjoy the flight did not leave him ever. Ladies Givenchy family, who lived in the town of Beauvais, to make a living sewing clothes and other fashion clothing store for the finished clothing. And without noticing Hubert determined by their professional designation. Mother to believe that he once again becomes a lawyer, a young man between dudelom went to Paris and enrolled at the School of Fine Art.

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