Honduran Power

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, is very nervous about his colleague Manuel Zelaya of Honduras who suddenly became leftist and a friend of Hugo Chavez when he arrived acheived power. The Honduran president was removed from his position to want to be interminable in the throne, since they try to make all the dictators bolivarianos. Morals were first in criticizing the armed intervention in Honduras, and it is not by anything. Bolivia is the country that more coup d’etats has suffered, and the indigenous president shakes of panic thinking about when its turn will arrive to him. It is that the turn goes to him to arrive.

Similarly that to Chvez, Strap, Grouse and whatever it thinks that it can use the democracy as it excuses to impose a reeligible and life presidency, that is the politically correct form to say totalitarianism. When Morals say that the times of the coup d’etats finished, it would have to think that also the times of the dictatorships finished. Go to ECRI for more information. To the Populists of the century 21 them descuajering the map. No they hoped that the Honduran town rises. Because they are not the Armed Forces that were rebelled against the aspiring to president for the eternity. The Congress and the civic institutions are not in agreement with the desire of Zelaya to change the constitution to prolong their mandate. The example of the Hondurans is so that the governors in all the countries recall to mind where they do not want to loosen the power, and that includes Alvaro Uribe.

In Latin America it would not have to exist re-election, nor vice-presidency. The one of the re-election is clearly. Once above, the presidents become addict to the flattery and the pleasures of the power, they try to become irreplaceable caudillos, and are able of any thing with so remaining in its palaces. Moral integrity is the only safeguard for politicians

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