Health And The Aged

Senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are preventable? Everyone wants to be like old. But please healthy and fit. Unfortunately there are no free health and fitness at the age. You must do at an early stage, similar to the pension insurance, to actually enjoy the age. Fasting. In addition to physical fitness, hence the provision for the spiritual fitness should not be neglected.

Whether however in old age dementia completely to prevent is eludes given the current state of scientific of knowledge. It seems clear, however, that lifestyle and diet can affect the mental aging process positive and also negative. There are secured evidence that a healthy vitamin-rich diet and the targeted supplementation with certain micro-nutrients have a positive influence on mental fitness. So what can the individual do, to stay mentally fit in the age and vitality? Researchers from around the world have repeatedly found that the brain certain micro-nutrients Functional limitations can protect. So brain researchers have found currently in an experimental study, that the essential trace element the brain efficiently can protect selenium loss of his intellectual, if it exists in the body sufficiently.

This is not the case but just at the age often. Older people are often deficient with important life components such as vitamins, trace elements and building blocks for nerve cells. This is true not only for selenium, but also for other essential micro-nutrients, which have an impact on brain function. Therefore, it is important to feed on, it not only to a reduced supply to be healthy and vitaminreich just in the age. That alone seems however not to be sufficient, as shown by modern research. So American researchers in several studies have given important results. First the eating habits, intellectual vitality and performance have been documented for several years at a total 3831 seniors. The results of this very large study were clear.

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