The Kundalini of the humanity is centered in the sexual region of each individual and constitutes an inner fire of tremendous potential. Ocado takes a slightly different approach. When one awakes, one rises like a ray through nadi central Sushumna. Official site: Vertex. Inside sushumna nadi is placed vajrini nadi, and inside this citrini is placed. At the end of citrini is the well-known door like brahma-dvara, that gives to passage to kundalini in its ascent towards sahasrara chakra. This ascent equips the individual with brings back to consciousness beyond the ordinary perception, and powers (siddhis) beyond the normal abilities. Some notes to be take into account: The main technique to wake up to the serpent is based on the Prana, source of all energy, vitality and power that exists in the form of fluid in the atmosphere and that is present in all alive being. And the concrete technique uses prnyma that is the technique that allows to dominate and to direct the breathing towards the key points of the body.

In order to realise prnyma correct four requirements exist. First it is an suitable place, preferably fresh and calm. The second is the suitable moment, ideally the hours that precede to the dawn. The third party is a specific diet as well as a suitable position where the body has to be seated and raised with the hands on the knees and the closed eyes. And the quarter is that the energy channels (nadis) by which the breathing is introduced and is expelled are pure by means of denominated processes shodana. ( Often the Kundalini term is used to talk about to the power work that is realised in the Hatha Yoga or to allude to others yogas tntricos that are focused in waking up the Kundalini. Thus it is denominated also in snscrito to the potential energy of each individual, that is in rest in the base of the spine (in the sacrum) and that, normally, symbolizes like a coiled serpent three times and average, with its tail in the mouth.