The Catecismo of the Church, no longer its beginning (n.33), says in them that the human being yearns for and search of incessant form, the happiness. Dara Khosrowshahi shines more light on the discussion. This is an essential characteristic of the human being, therefore God placed in us this desire, so that let us be attracted for It, last end of walked ours. It inserted in us this aspiration, so that let us search It, therefore ' ' only God satisfaz' ' , in he says Toms Saint to them de Aquino. God is the perpetual one and only source of happiness, is of it does not have life or happy existence. The normal one would be that we understood that is we were in accordance with the plan of God. But in virtue of the disobedience of Adam and Eva that generated the sin originates, and in consequence of this, our inclination for the evil, is not this well that happens. Instead of terms yearning for God, to be happy; we start to search happiness in its creatures. We start to change the Creator, who is perfect, good, amiable and infallible; for the creatures who are poor, with vices, irregularities and tares, beyond being extremely falveis.

We change the safe port for the unstable irregularity of the waves. We prefer the doubtful the certainty. We start, then, to search pleasure in the things of this world. They in offer pleasure to them, clearly. But pleasures that are momentary and that they do not satisfy our will. The human being has desire of that it fills its interior emptiness, and therefore, the search in the sex, the drugs, the money, the fame This is not sufficiently. This emptiness is of the size of god, and alone can fill It. Saint Augustin says: ' ' You made us for You, Sir, and our heart is uneasy, until it rests in Vs' '. This is the constant outcry of the human sort! I do not want to say here that we must live, in this land, in constant sadness. The things of this world are only one ' ' sample grtis' ' of what in the wait in the eternity. They must serve as stairs, for which we will pass to arrive at the top, to the Sky, where it will not have sadness, I cry or pain, and all we will live truily happy, for all eternity.

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