Government Housing

One of the priority problems for lower social layers is the housing deficit. Peru has a shortfall of 1.5 million housing units. About what the Government is doing, the Minister of housing, construction and sanitation, Francis Allison, claimed on Radio Nacional of Peru: we think that the housing deficit could be reduced this year between 7% and 8%, so we want to continue with the development of the country and support the development of the sector. Here there is also an interesting potential development of the real estate sector which can be strengthened with the improvement in the social situation. I have no doubt that the Peruvian economy resume its economic growth rate exceeded once the crisis.

The celebration of the different FTAs of this last time, will boost growth through external demand. For this new period that lies ahead, the economy must be ready and clear all kinds of potential bottlenecks that may occur. In this regard, Peru needs to increase its energy capacity to adapt to the growth prospects of the economy. This is why it launched the tender for the construction of three hydroelectric power plants which attracted two Spanish firms, Inveravante and Engel-Axil who will jointly develop these three hydroelectric projects in Peru, which will generate 22% of the hydroelectric power produced in the country and 13% of the total energy production. The estimated investment of the projects would be about US $850 million. Beyond these investments itself, is interesting to see the view that has the managing director of the Inveravante, Saul Yabar on Peru and has led the firm to invest for the first time in the country: have much expectation to work in Peru, one of the few countries that grows in the world, for their trust and guarantee for investments. The Engel-Axil Spanish takes three years developing hydroelectric projects in Peru, so the new investments are a renewal of confidence.

The Peruvian economy is in good shape and must be prepared to resume its growth rate. Investment opportunities are many and varied, but may be increased if the Alan Garcia Government increases its efforts to the poor. Yet there is no awareness of the multiple benefits that this can generate.

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