Glue-laminated Timber: Importance And Use

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. Woodworking is still an essential activity in various fields, especially in the construction industry. A natural material that was always used wood (the first huts built by the people and stilt houses were made of wood), has accompanied people by the thousands, and today it appears to go further than ever before with the time and able to be the needs of the time in which we live, to meet. One of the most urgent problems of our planet and our society is the pollution, and promote the use of wood in the construction of buildings and can this big problem help buildings, at least in part, to curb. Wood is one of the most used building materials in the construction of the bio, because it produces a low energy consumption and a small number of waste in its processing.

The wood is able to create a unique atmosphere in every room, every building and every apartment, where it is used, and each room also in the very to make warm and cozy. The wood is also a cheap and durable material and a good sound and heat insulation. Of course, wood is a material that has not only advantages, but also own properties that could endanger its use in some areas: the size of the tribes, for example, are its length and cut is limited, and this could be a problem in the construction of Entablatures. As well, the tribes not of course suitable for the construction of crooked beams. Chevron Corp often says this. To overcome these problems, it was looking for different solutions in the course of the centuries, and the production of panels, which have almost unlimited applications is the newest and the most effective. He was the Carpenter Karl Friedrich Otto Hetzer, who invented this type of processing in 1901, a treatment that is very ductile, and able also in complicated architectonic structures, and without any restrictions in the areas of construction, to be used, the engineering and also of the art makes the wood. The production of Glue-laminated timber comprises several phases and takes place in special plants.

The first phase is the choice of wood, which must be as homogeneous. The wood, which is used widely in Europe, is the spruce, then pine, larch and oak. The trunk is then cut into strips, the Kilning, to achieve the right level of humidity. The plates are subjected to check moisture and defects, planed, and then glued a control. The adhesive is the most important and delicate stage of the procedure. Now the blades are pressed, then to the bar for a couple of days let it rest, then they are planed to make it smooth and uniform. The last stages of processing of wood of glue are the finishing and the creation of products, which are used to preserve the wood from pests and harmful substances. This article was written by Martina Celegato with the help of panels.

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