The character of the globalization as sub-promoter of the regional blocks is good in parts, but for another sides it brings great detriments for the local economy. But we question: It is possible to live and to act of indifferent form to this reality in a globalizante capitalist world? The current economy allows unitary isolamentos? The answers for these investigations are not simple, first, isolation never would be the solution in a globalizado world, that is, in an interaction economy never this tactics of rebellion would function before the system, the example of this have Cuba, that until the current days it remains isolatedly and retroacting economically; second, the best form to deal and to fight against the diverse attacks and caused economic frustrations of the countries that if auto intitle you lead them is if uniting they, and through this generated alliance to usufruct of the wealth of this relation, exactly that the principle let us can lose values, this if I constituted an obligator risk. final 6.Consideraes In conclusion matrix, what we notice is the photo of the impossibility to make trouble the subject capitalism globalization, are impossible the communication and the thematic agreement of the boarded one if not to bring for the wheel of quarrels the capitalist economic factor, another fact also that we consider important was the understanding of camouflaged the economic blocks as promotional of the globalization. Finally, we synthecize the merit of the perception of this relation – capitalism/globalization, for the agreement of the current world..

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