Global Communication Revolution

new advertising strategies are necessary until 2014 the business world is facing a drastic change of advertising strategies as well as the media used. According to a study carried out by Cisco, around 90% of global business communication with video support be held until 2014. This trend has turned the American companies talk merger with headquarters in Tampa, Florida in 2007 and in the meantime 8 breakthrough products on the market, which already revolutionized the communication. In over 120 countries, talk Fusion is already the market leader and is also in Europe on the market since 2011. Thousands of companies, freelancers and traders have already changed your advertising strategies for new customer acquisition and strengthening the customer base and with a great success. “In the next 2 years, so rethinking advertising strategies is necessary: video email a picture says more than 1000 words” so an old proverb. How many words does then replace a video? Speaking instead of typing is announced in the future.

With just a few mouse clicks and a webcam (or but by traveling with the Internet-enabled mobile phone), you can send video emails now. Private and business. For promotional purposes, open up new areas of action. An investigation carried out showed that 69.4% of the recipients of a video mail follow this until the end, with an average of just 8 seconds are devoted to a text message. In many cases these video messages be read even multiple or more than one person, because as interesting”be redirected. Currently, there are 450 templates (templates) in different languages available. A specially designed for the company professionally made template is already included in the Executive package. There are 3 templates in the elite package. Videoconferencing / webinars / live broadcasts (live broadcasting) allow the global connection (also) a larger number of employees, business partners, project groups or teams to a common meeting video conferences.

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