Konga will be built on an area of 18 x 14 meters in front of the station and peppered with the large screaming Monkey on the back wall, flamethrowers, torches, more interesting Rekommandation and the immense amount of swing much admiring audience before and on the business provide. Also for the first time in Versmold, of Weber carpet 1001 night performs Hartmann from Hagen. The 27-metre-high business will be finding Jibi parking and similar to as Mechagodzilla from afar to attract the audience. Europe’s largest “flying carpet” is much more than a replacement business for above mentioned only committed season novelty, which is not finished until Versmold. 1001 nights does its name justice and presents itself with a great rear wall paintings and many decorative and ornamental elements in the Oriental style. Even after almost thirty years of travel, this business has lost none of its appeal and through many renovations in recent years, it shines like on the first day. A sweeping drive you shouldn’t airtime with much butterflies in the stomach area not to be missed! As third place novelty, the Gelsenkirchen Carnies Ralph Gusowski could be obliged with his Mondial heartbreaker PHOENIX. This Business should be held including names and owners two years ago in Versmold, which could not be realized for various reasons.

However, this time the compact business in the Garden Road across from the Town Hall is finally caused a sensation. Because the Phoenix is a slanted windshield wipers, enjoying in Versmold of traditionally very popular, with integrated rollover. There are two cable series, in which accommodate eight passengers on the main mast of the ride. These revolve as by the wiper known horizontally in the district, but at some point cause the fast rotation here, unlike the wipers, the rollovers of the two arms of the gondola. The business achieved a maximum ride height of 10 meters and has a footprint of 19.5 * 8 m.