Gabriela Scheer Thalmann

Gabriela Scheer from Erfurt, Germany informed its customers thanks to erotic massages many people discover the way to a deeper awareness and more intense sensations. Sexual intercourse plays no role at all. Because it is here only to close, delicate touch and exchanging positive energies. Sany, massage Pro from Erfurt, know how positively regular erotic massages affect the general well-being and the experience of intimate affection in a partnership. Therefore, she explains the special features this type of massage. Erotic massages have although the positive side-effect, they relax the muscles, but in the foreground are the touch itself and the intense closeness which arises at this special form of massage. Erotic Massage, it’s also less on sophisticated technology but rather on a lot of sensitivity of the massaging and a very good knowledge of the sensitive body zones. Also this discusses areas of the body that are for therapeutic massage not of importance.

This means that the special attention during the massage to the erogenous zones. Erotic Massage, individual regions of the body can be treated intensively through special massage techniques. The so-called Yoni massage, a Tantric practice, focuses on the vaginal region of the woman. Women, it is very difficult to experience a sexual climax, learn this about her body and it a marked improvement in the ability of the orgasm can be achieved. Also, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, for help in the field of erotic massage. The lingam massage is almost the equivalent of the Yoni massage and treated the male sex organ. Such massages are performed regularly, a permanent improvement of the “complaints” is not uncommon, bolstering also the general well-being and self-confidence.

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