Functional Magnetic Resonance

He is most likely that the concern of Apple if concentrates ahead in the performance of its products of the possible perception of the product for its consumer. Therefore, the changeable competition also does not explain why iPad 2 was launched with the same price that iPad. But if you find that this attitude is plus a bold play of marketing of Apple, you feel to inform to it that you also errou. But then, why iPad 2 cost the same that ipad? Until it seems a question without reply, but happily it exists a tool that can help it to unmask the mystery for backwards of this so intriguing question. IT IS THE NEUROMARKETING! The NEUROMERKETING is the union of the Marketing with others disciplines as Neurocincia, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, and Chemistry, for example.

The NEUROMARKETING appeared of the impossibility of the traditional marketing in explaining the true behavior of the consumer and for the sprouting of revolutionary methods of examinations of the brain, as for example, the Functional Magnetic Resonance? RMf. Now that you already know what is NEUROMARKETING, you go to the facts. iPad 2 cost the same that iPad, for three reasons: The price of iPad? s already is anchored in the mind of the consumer; The dopamina release already is not the same one in the brain of the consumers of iPad? s; iPad already turned a craze. The average price of iPad? s in the market anchored in its mind at the moment where looked at you it with the intention of to buy, this made with that its memory of long stated period recorded this price, that you wanting or not, goes to appear all time that you will be to buy a Tablet of Apple. This in such a way makes look like to be one how much simplista one excessively to explain the fact of that a launching so waited by the whole world consumers has caused as much surprise – to the being commercialized with an equal price to the previous model.

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