Freedom In Release

Assisted for the third, or independent slaves the slavery, observers had not subjected, intelligent and determined they had mounted its personal and collective strategies in the search of the freedom. The destination of the slaves who had remained in the captivity cannot be verified same through the emancipation letters, why they had not been found. Baslia Maciel, pertaining to the families who if had constituted in the dawn of the abolition, inherited the craft of doceira, that passed to its Ursulina son who prepared parties of marriage and anniversaries. Of its trajectory it remained little in the memory of Jakes Fidelix, but, probably Baslia and Felicidade has lived in the agricultural zone of Santana of the Release, keeping its familiar lands and bows until its disappearance. The Letter of Belisaria? The Purchase of the Freedom In 14 of January of 1881, in the headquarters of policy of the third district of the city of Santana of the Release, is authorized the enslaved Belisaria of captain Joo Alberto Sheep, to donate in order to get savings for the freedom. The letter is recognized for the authorities, the commission agent and subdelegate of the local policy. The letter of Belisaria, is the document presented for its great-granddaughter and legatee Maria of the Damascene Birth, and that it initiates the narrative of the familiar memory of the Damascene Birth/. E: its mother Its great-grandmother already age of Release? M: There I find that he was, therefore I I do not know, I I did not know my great-grandmother, I I know that the house that when it took off, I walked making, vendendo pra to take off, you there under the account. M: It was alone the name, because nor last name it does not have, never vi photo of my grandmother, never vi photo of my great-grandmother, does not have last name, Izalia, n, is alone, the remaining portion not the mother also never saw photo, never knew v and my grandmother did not have, n, photograph, I finds that nor they took off at that time.

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