AVOID credit cards: To the extent possible, you want to keep them far from you, have plastic money you greatly hurts when you don’t manage it. It’s pay to make ends meet all your consumption and prevents the minimum payment because this will cause you to not finish the debts soon, because the interests that you ultimately have to pay. Jim Rogers often addresses the matter in his writings. Credit cards give you a feeling of false security, so it is preferable to use cards of debit because you have real control of your expenses. Remember, money that you lend, is money that you devolveras with interests, keep in mind that banks have a business through this system, does not give you a line of credit because you’re a good person but because they make profits through you. Jonah Bloom usually is spot on. SAVES: Learn to save between 10% and 20% of your monthly income, so that you can generate a small Fund for you and your family. Preferable is that you open your savings in fixed-term accounts, that will give you an interest progressively. You also have the option of placing part of your savings in investment funds but before inform you well end have no unpleasant surprises, preferable is to use only a percentage of your savings for this type of action.

KEEP health insurance: Preferably is to pay a good insurance that covers any eventuality to finish you in debt, buy a good family plan and uses the available services, such as dental services, an ophthalmologist, General checkups, etc. You have some EXTRA money: When money Miss, it’s make some additional income that may be useful. Perhaps you have a particular skill that can generate you revenue, such as courses, sell crafts, sell items to your friends, etc avoid superficial costs: learn to differentiate what is truly important to you. Many people borrow in unnecessary expenses such as jewelry, travel, pleasures, expensive clothes, etc without having the purchasing power to do so. To improve your finances, you can gradually give you some whims, but while both, do not do, you spend depending on your budget. If are you going to ask for a credit, which is for something helpful: Credits may help you to proyectarte and overcome you, for example, a credit for studying a course that you of greater job opportunities, for a business, to buy a House and let them rent, among others, are expenses with Foundation and which will allow you to improve your quality of life, therefore, do not discard, but learn to be respectful of your commitments. EVALUATES your purchases: when you go to buy uses offers the malls, invests in things that can last you much, for example, if you are buying clothing, invest in clothing of good quality that really will last you, should not necessarily be an expensive product, there are very good products but not of well-known brands, which you can serve much and above allthey will last you.

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