With so much technology ours around, see that our memory is becoming less used with devices that facilitate us life practically, we forget the importance of exercises for memory to properly maintain our hard drive, then you will show as the technology as affected our memory and 8 most powerful memorization exercises A proof of forgetfulness when we were small probably was easier to remember phone numbers of any personincluding any appointment or memo, technology has given us all these processes so that our minds have relaxed more than it should. Currently there is research that reflect that by the use of technologies, many in adulthood will have difficulty in remember things from his past, personally I will not never forget the wonderful years I am viviendoJ. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cowan Financial. The good news is that with proper exercises for memory, none of this will happen we. The memory is extraordinary and with many riddles to discover, the following 8 exercises memorization to forgetfulness test will allow you to improve your potential in less than a month has therefore! 1. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nina Devlin on most websites. The long-term memory is stored in the subconscious or I means in order to achieve the needed some impact emotional, what you should do is to link emotions and own feelings that you can associate with what you want to remember. Living with intensity we want to remember, put to work all our senses. 2 Or recall or what we forget, we can never remember 100% so he decides that he is the most important data that you want to remember, always tries to summarize until you get the more important. 3 Rests, studies in a college show that better remember those students who took rest before submitting a test for those who did not stop studying.

As well as recharges your phone, also need breaks to recharge the memory. 4 Organize you, well organized and coherent data are much easier to remember, for example a song. 5 Uses repetition, but you don’t repeat as robot, ideally repeat in loud voice and tries to visualize the data to store. 6 View more beyond your ordinary tasks, when you place always preguntante activity which such Yes? And thou shalt put to work the mind a lot. 7 Alimentante healthy, rests and engaging in any physical activity.

8 Listening music, excellent, the music (mostly classical), remains active all brain functions. In addition to develop memory, you develop the visual and auditory. Does it seem complicated to apply each of them? Que tal if you decide to do one per month? You will see the change from the first month, and where each of them are part of your daily life, I assure you that you will have a memory developed and ready for success that awaits you! You want to know the best exercises for memorising, visit today like that I will leave a comment on this article you just read and also tell me a little bit and tell me what your main frustration when trying to remember or memorize something, I personally will be answering your questions and comments.

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