Field Opportunities Negotiating

Experts say that negotiation is an art and as such, can be learned. Although as in all art there are individuals who bring the gift from the cradle, the art of negotiation can be learned with practice and, although a person devoid of natural aptitudes, ten can be as effective in negotiating it would be a born negotiator. To a greater or lesser extent everyone has some ability to negotiate. Mark Berger: the source for more info. Since childhood we learn to negotiate rewards and punishments with our parents, to negotiate with teachers notes, to haggle a price or fight for a better salary. The negotiation is printed in many human activities. Which is what distinguishes a person negotiating one who is not? Which is what makes the success of their negotiations? If you look at born negotiators will conclude that its success is to ensure that all parties are satisfied, and even happy, then the negotiation process. For this reason, people who can negotiate lead lives happier and successful. Those who do not know how often negotiate different situations ruin in its path only by exasperate others with their comments and their stubbornness and the result is an unhappy situation for them and, sometimes, also for the other party.

From this follows the importance of developing good negotiating skills, as these relate to the happiness of the person was and all parties seeking a profit. In a negotiation there is always present at least three elements, namely those involved in the matter, the subject or object of contention in itself, and the final decision or agreement. As in any negotiation process each interested party takes a position, often diametrically opposed to the / s of the other / s part / s, it is essential to who serves as a mediator to achieve concessions from both sides to reach an agreement consensus between the parties. Thus, the success of negotiations depends on the fulfillment of all these stages. So you should always negotiate before closing, for the welfare of all parties involved and improve the relationship between them, and try to prevent possible future points of disagreement to make that improvement is sustainable over time, sustainable. Without doubt, learn and practice the art of negotiation has many benefits immediate and mediate all parties concerned.

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