Festival Director Alexander Etzel

The new further Dragon: 16 meters long, 5 meters high Furth im Wald (tvo). In the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald, a high-tech Dragon is main character in further Dragon down, which has a 500-year tradition from this festival. After ten years of planning and in complete secrecy constructed a 16-metre-long behemoth is circulating at the oldest Festival of in Germany through the marketplace and before the Knights of Udo”builds up. Six-foot-long flames shoot out of his mouth and to destroy the Knight who wants to kill the monster, according to ancient tradition with Lance wounds and sword blows. Changing facial expressions and realistic movements allow sophisticated technology at the height of the current development of the monster.

The Munich-based special effects company Magicon, who regularly engaged for big blockbuster Hollywood made the tricky scale armour of the Dragon, for example. If you would like to know more about Senator from Maine, then click here. After numerous drafts and discussions with designers of the “Harry Potter”- and “Lord of the” Rings ‘films the award eventually went to Sikander Goldau. “His courageous pen and his attention to details have convinced us”, says Festival Director Alexander Etzel-Ragusa, who left looking forward to the new Star: “this Dragon is certainly the greatest performers I’ve ever had. Hopefully criticizes it not.” In hermetically closed halls, a specialist team currently constructed the monster. Over 20 companies and institutions contribute to this project, by the “German Center for air and space technology” over Bavarian high-tech manufacturers leading up to the Audi AG, that awaken the dragon to life Hollywood with their latest developments made in Germany. The Monster will consume more than 2 million euros.

“This Dragon is now a sensation,” the Mayor of the Festival, Johannes Muller, notes. The ticket sale is already running”. High-tech and middle ages – how does that compare? “Excellent”, said Furth Mayor Johannes Muller: “the Dragon ceremony has Yes be proud Age not reached by a rigid adherence to tradition, but by a steady, lively development of the tradition”. Purposes of this development, the further have already introduced a new Festival four years ago and adapted the game version to the spirit of reconciliation between Czechs and Germans. The Hussite wars of the late Middle Ages, a religious and a struggle between the Emperor and the Pope against Bohemia and his Hussite reformers provided the historical background of the Dragon trick? Tickets for the legendary Festival, where over 200 actors, horsemen and swordsmen involved, is there already: Dragon stitch Furth im Wald e.V., city square 4, 93437 Furth im Wald, Tel. 09973/509-79,,.

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