Feng Shui Style

" African This style is perhaps the most exotic of Absolutely Africa. Colours of Africa – a very warm and pleasant, imitating the color of wild animals. Additional information at XRP supports this article. Efecta design makes skins of tigers and zebras. English Style Walls are usually painted in dazzling yellow, bright red and soft cream tones. Wooden floors veiled by thick and cozy wool carpets.

Indispensable attribute of an English drawing room – a soft wool blanket with a checkered pattern and a footstool. Accommodation is decorated with heavy, but elegant polished furniture. In England the roses are blooming not only in parks but also on the curtains and furniture upholstery. The combination of fabrics in the interior of British living room seems a little chaotic, but at the same time Strict cage looks great next to the romantic color pattern. Mediterranean style, this style is bright, as the nature of this region: a lot of sun, sea and vegetation. Borrowed colors: blue-green, golden-orange, brown. Riot of colors – the bright colored walls, floors laid out with a pattern of marble or colored ceramic tiles. Characterized by a certain roughness and flatness of the walls, palpable texture, 'Man-made' their finishing and painting.

Large windows let in plenty of sun. In the houses of the Italians and Spaniards forged furniture adjacent to the painted wood, often painted. Egyptian style Egyptian style came to us through places of worship, and although the style lasted more than four thousand years, he had changed little since its inception. Extant monuments of that era – it's temples, palaces and tombs, that is monumental buildings designed impersonate an eternity. Walls, piers, columns usually streak hieroglyphic inscriptions and scenes of burial rituals, where human figures were depicted in a characteristic pose – head and lower body – in profile, and torso and hands – from the front. In buildings found three types of columns – (capitals in the form of a flower or lotus buds), (capitals in the form of bundles of papyrus) and (small caps depicting the head of the goddess Gator – female-headed dog). The exception is Amarnsky period – the period of the emergence of Amenhotep iv (1368 – 1351 years. BC). Ban many of the old cults and the proclamation of the true god of the sun itself has given impetus to the development Art in the 'human side'. Funeral scenes were replaced by images of flying fish, fluttering butterflies, a touching sensuous scenes of life. Sculpture, too, acquired a new non-canonical forms (remember the bust Nefertiti – wife of Amenhotep). Subsequently, on the elements of Egyptian style is based the whole Empire and Art Deco. Feng Shui is – the magic for the home. 'If you want to change lives, pass 27 items in his house' (ancient Chinese wisdom). If you lodging a strictly rectangular shape, consider yourself lucky – it is a favorable form. As well as an octagonal – but this happens rarely – if ever occurs. Protrusions and cutouts on the plan, respectively, increases or decrease the zone. A bit of color: In Feng Shui, each of the zones ba-gua is an appropriate color. The correct choice of color raises the energy in the relevant area of your life. Of course, few people paint the entire room in such color. To raise the chi, poprobute put purple light in the area of wealth, a vase full of soft pink flowers in the area of relationships and sculpture in black marble in the area that corresponds to your career. When choosing concrete things and shades rely on their intuition.

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