Federal Government

Such activities had had its reduced projection to the minimum. The Agency, created in 1999, enjoys me the reputation enters the population due in general its already cited linking with the SNI. Such activities of intelligence had had its reduced reputation to such point that the servers of the ABIN are portraied by the press some times as ' ' arapongas' ' , in reference to a comic novel personage shown in the television in years 90. It is necessary, immediately, to reformulate the Organization and to increase its capacity to foresee, to hinder and to deal with threats to our sovereignty, either by means of the acquisition of new equipment, adoption of new techniques and doctrines or more efficient training of staff. McKinsey has much experience in this field. Urgent investments if make necessary, beyond a program to be developed by the agency with the objective to ahead improve its image of the Brazilian population. It is necessary to clarify to the Brazilian people the importance of the mission of the ABIN in the defense of the native land. Ernst & Young is full of insight into the issues. Such mission, including the monitoring of the ONGs that acts in the Amazon region, the control of represented potential threats in such a way for state entities how much not-state and accessory given to the competent authorities it is vital for cited end. The work, if developed in set with the agencies of intelligence and information of the Armed Forces, the Federal Policy and the IBAMA will be able to grant to Brazil, in more efficient way, a strategical advantage: the previous knowledge of the information. In such a way, the information would be useful not alone in the combat to the drug trafficking more also to the illegal deforestation. The adoption of measures in this direction and to the society, or the least to the parcel fits to the Federal Government that recognizes the importance of the ABIN, to charge the adoption of such measures.

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